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Success with an MBA for Chivon The purpose of this paper is to argue my decision of pursuing an MBA. I will support this argument by discussing the results of my “Jungian 16-Type Personalty Self Assessment.” I believe having a master's degree with help me achieve my career goal of becoming a Strategic Consultant. Furthermore having an MBA will bring more opportunities, extend my experience in business administration, and help improve my management skills. According to the “Jungian 16-Type Personality Self Assessment” my personality type is ENTP. ENTP means I am extroverted, intuitive, thinking, and perceiving. The test also discussed possible careers which included: Politician, strategic planner, literary agent, publicity, entrepreneur, and ad executive. Along with (ENTP), I am innovative, individualistic, versatile, and entrepreneurial. Forward-looking and advanced help describe characteristics of innovative personalities. Individualistic personalities express individual thinking, have single thoughts, and individual ways. The ability to do many things competently is versatility. Entrepreneurial personalities could take risks (Marcic and P Nutt, I.A.2). After completing the MBA program I have a goal of being a strategic consultant for a Fortune 500 Company. Furthering my education will help assist me with achieving my goal. It will also help me become successful as a strategic consultant by learning different theories. I will also be able to gain thorough business knowledge along with gaining more experience in business administration. According to “Tips for a More Successful Higher Education-Consultancy Relationship” universities of higher education use services that assist them in strategic planning, use of technology, structure of organizations, and management of finances. Most managers require consultants be adequate, have experience in their

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