Psycology in the Movie Sleeping with the Enemy

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The movie i choose was Joseph Rubin’s motion picture, Sleeping With the Enemy, it is about a terrifying domestic abuse experience. The main characters, Laura Burney and her husband Martin, live in a private Cape Cod estate. Laura, a housewife, endures an abusive and controlling relationship with Martin. Sleeping with the Enemy shows domestic abuse and flight, Laura shows the symptoms of a battered woman’s helplessness. Laura and Martin may accept an abusive lifestyle because they share a general attitude, usually existing before marriage, that men should have more power and control than women. Martin maintains a belief that men control women by providing economic resources to their wives, and also believe that they have nothing to return but subordination and obedience. Whenever this patriarchal attitude exists, the man’s lack of self-control may threaten his ego and cause him to attempt to control his immediate environment and domestic situation. To compensate for Martin’s lack of self-control, he abuses and controls Laura. Also known as ‘self-efficacy’ and ‘mastery,’ personal control refers to a person’s perception that one's power can influence one's surroundings. personal control links the individual’s social environment to his internal psychological conditions. For example, when Martin notices three towels hanging unevenly in the bathroom, he leaves the room, returns with Laura, and asks her whether everything looks acceptable. She quickly restores his sense of order and control by adjusting the towels. Also, Laura keeps the cabinet cans in perfect order. Martin exemplifies these results because alone, he cannot control his obsession with neatness and order, thus he abuses Laura. Once a batterer initiates violence, it escalates whenever he feels his authority threatened or his delicate sense of perceived personal control and masculinity weakened. The
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