Language In a Male Dominated Society

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Descriptive Analysis of Language in a Male Dominated Society The exigence I decided to use was the further impending issue on feminism and how women should be treated and understood as equals like men. Since the beginning of time, men have been at the forefront, while women stayed in the background. Since the beginning of time, men have always controlled major businesses, while women looked helplessly on the sidelines. It’s important to note that I utilized commonplace to develop between the set of beliefs that were developed between the men and my aunt. My aunt was forced to see like so many women in today’s society that men want to run the show and control as much conversation as they can. The commonplace that was executed within this paper was to underline how men across the world have shared the same view against women for years. For example, I used this sentence; our grandparents grew up in an age where a woman’s place was to provide affection for her spouse and home, to show that indeed the commonplace between men has become a bit disoriented. Men have shared these widely controversial statements, and thus I wanted give insight on a more influential society. As you can see, I wanted to point out that the commonplace should focus on men coming to terms to work together and correct the problems they have created through the years. As you can see, I wanted to invoke a coherent set of beliefs or ideology in the beginning of my paper where I could show an example of how women are treated in the work field. Language contributed extensively to the different expressions that were caught on my aunt’s face. Language contributed extensively to my aunt’s situation on the job, and so the ideology between the various males illustrates how women are constantly being looked down. My aunt was forced to come to an understanding of the certain events that were

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