Psychology 22 Jump Street Movie Review

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22 Jump Street Movie Review 22 Jump Street is about two undercover cops attempting to bust drug dealers in the college they are attending as undercover cops.Their objective is to locate where the drugs are originating in the college. In order to succeed in their mission, they have to blend in with the other college students by conforming to their lifestyles. By the end of the movie, they end up succeeding in their mission. 1. Social psychology - Branch of psychology that studies how a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior are influenced by the presence of other people and by the social and physical environment. Social psychology was displayed in the movie when the two characters went into a drug deal undercover and one was acting as if he was hispanic in origin, while the other character was able to sustain in using the mexican accent. The character that was unable to use the accent consistently blew their cover as undercover cops. The criminals were able to spot out their true identities due to the mistake one of the undercover cops made. This almost got the undercover cops killed. 2. Attachment - The emotional bond between two people developed over a period of time. This movie displayed attachment when the two main characters separated in the the middle of the movie. Neither of the characters could retain of constantly thinking about each other during the time they were apart. The characters were reminiscing of their memories together and in hopes of rejoining each other to complete the mission that they have begun. They finally join paths again because of the attachment they have. 3. Stress - A negative emotional state occurring in response to events that are perceived as taxing or exceeding a person’s resources or ability to cope. This movie has displayed stress in a series of events throughout the movie. The characters

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