Personal Perception of Organized Crime Paper

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Personal Perception of Organized Crime Paper Isaac Friend Criminal Organizations CJA-384 November 19, 2012 Personal Perception of Organized Crime Paper In the United States crime is an ongoing problem and criminals continue to learn new behaviors on how to get away with his or her crimes. Some of the dangerous and sneaky criminals are involve in groups that commit organized crime. In American pop culture media has an influence on the perception of organized crime and remake films and television shows portray organized criminals of a group or family of Italian descent who control neighborhoods or cities. Organized crime has many characteristics that play a role in organized criminal behavior. When thinking of organized crime two television shows come to mind the sopranos and the wire. Organized crime is a group of individuals regardless of race or gender who work together to obstruct justice working with corrupt individuals in key positions, such as government officials and police officers. These organized criminals work in controlling neighborhoods and cities selling drugs and using force to intimidate people around them. When using force to intimidate the people in the neighborhood and cities the organized criminals run. Force such as assault and murder of individuals to set an example of what will happen to anyone who interferes in the business of the organization such as the mafia is used. As define in the book “organized crime is dominated by (but is not exclusively) a single, monolithic criminal organization made up of criminals of Italian descent—the Mafia” ( Lyman & Potter, 2007). When looking into organized crime there are different structures that can define the activity rise of organized crime. One way that is creating a rise in organized crime is similar to the rise of terrorism and that is the growth of technology. With the use of technology
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