Psychological Crime Theories

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P3 Theories of Criminal Behaviour 1. What does psychological mean? The study of the mind and the way it works. How people think, feel and behave and to predict how they will act under certain conditions. 2. What does sociological mean? Sociological mean study of society. Study of groups of people within certain regions or as a whole: culture, demographics, income, religion and many more. 3. What does biological mean? The word biological is defined as relating to living organisms or that which affects life. It may also be defined as that which is related by blood or genetic lineage. Biological is a word that is derived from the word biology. Two types of Psychological crime: Neurophysiological Raine in 1994 used a PET scanner…show more content…
Steroids, usually taken to increase muscle growth, also increase testosterone levels. Horace Williams, a body builder, beat a man to death after taking two thousand times the recommended dosage of steroids. Two types of sociological crime: Adoption studies A retrospective study by Mednick et al (1987) looked at court convictions in a small European country and found 14,000 adoptees amongst them. The criminal records of their biological and adoptive parents were then investigated. Many of the adoptees had criminal biological parents (particularly strong relationship for sons and fathers). There was no relationship in the types of crime committed. Where there was an improvement in social conditions there was a reduction in crime (going against the genetic explanation). Freud and Effect of Family Alexander and Healy (1935) suggested that children need to progress from the pleasure principal (being id dominated and therefore needing instant gratification) to the reality principle (where the ego is dominant). Criminals are those children who do not make this transition. According to Freud the child needs a stable home environment in order to successfully make this transition. Research has supported the fact that most criminals come from unstable
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