Psy 322 Case Study

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Case Study Research and Analysis In each of the following case studies, mistakes regarding marketing research were made which ultimately cost the companies involved significant amounts of money and resources as well as reputation or track record status. While both are correctable, it has ultimately hit their bottom line, and will likely take some time, and additional resources to recover from. These are prime examples to the importance of accurate and timely marketing research and analysis. Cutting corners or incomplete marketing analysis can cause severe public image concerns that could otherwise have been avoided. In the case of Apple, will Japan ever take their products seriously going forward, or will they always be thought of as a little behind the times? In the case of Hong Kong Disney, the wholesome family friendly household brand has now been associated with environmental degradation and not supportive of renewable resources. Case One: Japan to Apple’s iPhone: “No Thanks!” Apple underestimates the impact of the iPhone in Japanese markets. Apple did not take into consideration that Japan is one of the leading technological hotspots in the world when it comes to wireless technology, so while the rest of the world has been racing to catch up to the 3G speeds that Apple boasts in their newer device, Japan saw it as old news. Additionally, Apple was not able to integrate the higher quality digital displays that the Japanese are accustomed to using, which means that it was lacking in comparison to other devices already available in their market. Apple failed to present a global marketing strategy that would appeal to the Japanese consumers. With additional research regarding what the users of Japan were looking for in their newest devices, it is likely that Apple could have either better equipped their device, created applications which would have appealed
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