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Scholarly Activity I Wal-Mart John I. Miles IV MBA 6601 October 14, 2012 Professor Yvonne Balbin Abstract Ranked number three in the retail market Wal-Mart has enjoyed much success with overseas profits raves Global 500. The goal of saving people money has always been Wal-Mart’s intention but profits are suffering in today’s American economy. Wal-Mart was founded on the goal and philosophy of providing the lowest price to its consumers however, legal and political environments of certain countries may dictate an organizations way of thinking in terms of investments, operating modes, risks, and resources contends Daniels, Radenbaugh, & Sullivan, (2011). This paper will discuss the company’s global issues, market and legal systems,…show more content…
The company’s code of ethics discusses guidelines for ethical behavior; each associates responsibility to follow the statement of ethics, and how to raise concerns regarding ethical behavior in the workplace, integrity, and finally the many policies of the company contends Mike Duke Chief Executive Officer. With facilities based in Mexico, Canada, and the United Kingdom, Wal-Mart has proven to be a force in the retail industry exclaims the sustainability report filed by the company (,…show more content…
Chrstopherson, (2007) proclaims the company failed at its attempt to place stores in Germany because Wal-Mart failed to adapt to the strategies and regulations of the German government. The United States business plan the company was using in other locations was not congruent with the laws, regulations, and society of Germany (Christopherson, 2007). Organizations such as Wal-Mart have to be mindful of the many hardships imposed by the political and legal systems of government in countries abroad suggest Daniels, Radenbaugh, & Sullivan, (2011). It is believed that most overseas countries do not ascertain the same political, economic, and cultural beliefs as Americans (Daniels, Radenbaugh, & Sullivan, 2011) and for this Wal-Mart would face similar problems when trying to start markets in both China and South Korea. While diversity is built in the Wal-Mart culture of business the locals of South Korea did not agree with the taste or style of western merchandise proclaims David Schwartz, Chief Executive Officer of Productive Environment Inc., (2004). According to David Schwartz proper research was not conducted in order to target a large population such as South Korea, therefore lack of culture would hinder the company of a successful launch in Asian countries such as Korea, China or Japan. Stakeholders The Sustainability Report of 2007 suggest social responsibility of the company is the ability

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