Providing Active Support in a Care Home Essay

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Distinction The first difficulty the placement may encounter is when trying to put the service user at the heart of care, the problems that may occur with this is that the service users has lots of different needs, it may be hard to keep track of all of them, especially if there are new staff or staff shortage. A way this may be overcome is by ensuring all staff regularly read the clients care plans, also to make sure new staff is told in detail about each individuals needs and given all the residence care plans to read. Another difficulty faced is involving all residence in activities; this is hard because there may not be enough staff to assist with the verity of activities too meets the different abilities. This would mean only one activity will be able to take place, which means some residence may not be able join in. Which could make them feel discriminated against. A way to overcome this is by having a person who may come in a couple of days a week to be activities coordinator, this will ensure that there will be a member of staff coordinated for activities and can run a variety through out the afternoon, while the carers carry on with there other jobs. Another difficulty that was encountered was giving residence choice, this was a difficulty, for example if the residence was given choice of dinner, they may all put something different down, this would be hard to complete because of lack of staff to be able to make such a variety of meals, in a short period of time. A way to overcome this by making a set menu, a menu for week and a menu for week b. with only two different meals to choose from, but different each week. This will ensure the residences still have choice, but it’s still manageable by staff, and also will stay in budget for the care home. Providing active support consistent to beliefs, culture and preference was also a difficulty

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