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Protect Endangered Species Essay

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Mackenzie Stewart
Professor Creel
English 10803
April 23, 2013
Protecting Animal Species
Fossils from animals that existed long before humans inhabited the Earth are still being discovered and studied from scientists around the world. These findings suggest that animal’s populations lived, evolved, thrived, and eventually became extinct. However, the rate of extinction was a very slow, gradual state whereas in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries the rate has had a rapid increase. The increase has been estimated to 100 to 1,000 times the rate of extinction in the past. For the most part, these accelerations can be directly linked to mankind’s destruction of natural environments. There are a number of activities that have impacted the environment, but the most harmful are agricultural expansion, international trade, and pollution.
Fears concerning the global state of various animal species continue to grow as the human society is constantly growing in population size, advancing in technologies, using Earth’s resources, polluting the environment, etc. For several animal species, the underlying causes of environmental degradation have forced their existence from endangered to extinction. For instance, scientists have estimated between 150 million to 1 billion animal species to be extinct from planet earth. Humanity takes a severe toll on the planet, largely because everything we build or consume comes out of the environment. Everything requires a portion of natural resources, which in turn effects the environment and the species that rely on those environmental resources. Eco-footprint analysis is a tool developed and used by scientists to properly measure the amount of land necessary for successfully supporting the Earth’s population consumption level. By applying this instrument, scientists are able to review how much of an impact we have on certain habitats. While human evolution has taken its toll on species degradation and environmental...

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