Pros And Cons In Need Of Immigration Reform

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Mariya Kostadinova-Nichols Professor McClintock English 101 14 May 2013 In Need of Immigration Reform Millions of undocumented immigrants live in the shadows of American society as second-class citizens, hoping every day not be caught by an immigration agent and, in a minute, be deported to their home countries loosing what has take them many years to acquire. Illegal immigrants live uncertain of the future and many become anxious as they contemplate the possibility of being separated from their families at any time. Millions of these immigrants have lived in the United States for many years, and many even have children born in this country. However, because of their legal status these immigrants are marginalized and excluded from most…show more content…
Opponents also typically insist that undocumented immigrants lower wages and labor standards by offering their cheap labor and by being willing to work under very harsh conditions (“Lower wages,” 2008). This, increases unemployment and affects the living conditions of the working class and poor Americans (“Amnesty,” 2009). Thus, according to opponents, a comprehensive immigration reform would reward “criminals” who, not only broke the law, but also exploit the US economy, degenerate society, and compete against natives for work opportunities that are running scarcer as more people continue to come to the US. Legalizing the millions of undocumented immigrants that currently reside in the US would send future immigrants the wrong message that it is acceptable to enter the US illegally and that they will, in the future, be similarly forgiven (“What is wrong,” 2005). Finally opponents complain that legalizing undocumented immigrants would be very unjust for both, those that went through the long, legal process of receiving a visa, and for those that are still waiting to receive one. Comprehensive immigration reform is the solution to many of the problems of the current, broken US immigration system. The kind of immigration reform that the US needs is one that addresses the interests of both, undocumented immigrants, and those of the…show more content…
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