Humanism In Star Trek

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Works cited Federation for American Immigration Reform: “Illegal Immigration”. 2011. Web. <>. Portor, Eduardo. “Immigration and American Jobs.” New York Times. 2004. Web. < South Park: Goobacks 7th episode season 8. Dir. Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Perf. Kenny and Cartman. 20th century Fox. 2004. Film. Wikipedia. “Goobacks”. 2012. <>. Humanism in Star Trek On Star Trek: Let That Be Your Last Battlefield and The Cloud Minders, directed by Jud Taylor, the writers bring into perspective the current issues of the 1960’s where racial discrimination, stereotypes and oppression were at its pinnacle. It shows how the people of Star Trek evolved into a more peaceful and futuristic society. Gene Roddenberry believes, “Star Trek embraces peace, love, and unity and says that civilization will reach maturity when it learns to value diversity in life and ideas, which is what Gene believed. And although the vision began with Gene, it is humanists and people like them who will ensure that his vision will live and grow” (Legacy of Star Trek). Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, focuses on racial discrimination on a race of aliens that…show more content…
On Adrana, the Troglytes live in dusty caves as the upper-class city dwellers reside on a cloud in the sky away from the inferior population. The people in the city are subjected to art, education and wealth. In this episode Vanna, one of the Troglytes is having an argument with Droxine about living in Stratos, the city in the clouds. Droxine says, “The caverns are warm and your eyes are
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