Promoting the Nursing Profession with an a School Activity

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Promoting Professional Nursing with a School Activity Activity Overview The activity selected for review in this investigation was a health education course that was taught by both the school nurse and the physical education teacher. The nurse was consulted on the project to provide students with knowledge in specific subject areas including: nutrition (eating a balanced diet), regular physical activity, healthy body weight and the role of sleep in healthy development. This basic education program was provided to 1st through 5th grade students at a local elementary school. The curriculum for the program was modified based on the student’s grade level and the nurse was responsible for developing content in these instructional areas to provide students with four, 25 minute presentations. The presentations were included as part of the health curriculum which is presented to children each year in the first nine weeks. In addition to observing the educational program, I was also responsible for delivering content on nutrition to 5th grade students. Although the instructional materials had already been created—including a PowerPoint, role play and individual exercise—the experience was important for learning how to engage with children in the classroom. School nurses work directly with one of society’s most vulnerable groups, requiring them to have hands-on knowledge of the needs of this group as well as the practices which work best for engaging them in health promotion behaviors. The Role of the Nurse A review of what has been noted regarding the purpose of the nurse in the school setting indicates that professionals working in this area are responsible for addressing the health and educational needs of children (Lee, 2011). More precisely Lee goes on to argue that “The purpose of the school nurse is to serve as a team member in

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