Pro Animal Experimentation

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1. Introduction a. Attention getter- “I was taken to universities and pharmaceutical labs, as well as a contract research facility. All the animals I saw were kept in far better conditions than those in the smelly pet shop where I had recently purchased a hamster. I was surprised by how orderly everything looked. I saw much less pain and suffering than I was expecting. “ a. Background information/ Connection- Animal experimentation is experiments and development projects that use animals to determine efficiency, toxicity, and dosing of drugs before they are used on humans in clinical trials. Some people say these experiments are cruel, and animals should not be used. While others say they would rather see these experiments done on animals instead of humans themselves. b. Thesis statement- Animal experimentation for medical purposes should be carried out, instead of scientist performing human tests. c. Main points- My main points are; medical advances for humans due to animal experiments, medical advances for animals due to animal experimentation, how the animals are really treated, laws that are enforced, and why animals are used. 2. Body paragraph one a. Topic Sentence- Animal experimentation over the years has come up with several medical advances that have helped humans live longer and stronger lives. b. Concrete detail- These experiments have helped teach doctors about open-heart surgery, organ transplants, bypass surgery, and joint replacements (Sources 2 & 3). c. Commentary- Humans should appreciate these experiments more because they have let men and women survive surgeries and live their life’s longer. d. Concrete detail- Medicines found for illnesses during an animal’s testing are; insulin, antibiotics, anti- inflammatory steroids, and penicillin. (2) e. Commentary- The animals that have died to
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