Princess Parenting Essay

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Essay # 1 Narcissistic Parenting: Raising Royalty According to Twenge and Campbell Princess Parenting - which is also known as Narcissistic Parenting is the modern parenting style that most parents have adopted. Twenge and Campbell explain that Parents who prefer Princess Parenting techniques usually are greatly attached to their children, they always keep a close eye on their children and make sure on every step of the way that nothing bad ever happens to their beloved children. These Parents tend to put their children in charge of making big household decisions and usually treat their children as friends, They are way more lenient towards their children as compared to the previous generations and fell that nowadays children should always feel good and positive about themselves no matter what. These modern parents over- praise their children making them feel like they are the kings and queens of the world. Authors Twenge and Campbell give us an example of how modern parents treat their children even when their just little babies, they say that nowadays parents make their toddlers wear bibs and shirts that say things like: "Chick Magnet", "Super Model", I'm in Charge" and "Princess". Which tells us that these parents have adopted the Princess Parenting techniques because they make their child feel special, give him or her unearned praise and try to give them the power to make decisions. In this Essay I will make an attempt to convince Parents to stop using Princess Parenting Techniques. Parents are losing authority over their children by using Princess Parenting Techniques. According to the Narcissism Epidemic Parents nowadays are way more lenient towards their children which has caused the value of obedience to drastically decline in the past few years. Nowadays a lot of children don't obey their parents
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