Powercuts In Tanzania Essay

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The 21st century is highly dependent on the consumption of oil, and further for making energy. We are all dependent and ‘addicted’ to electricity; we expect the lights to go on when we tap a switch there is light. In the western more developed countries, there is no comprehension of power cuts. But on the other hand there are countries like Tanzania, who frequently experience power cuts and now on a regular basis. People living in phases of total black out, this problem carries on to date and as you read this essay there are electricity rations going on in the country. This national problem in Tanzania is still growing very fast; the solution can be taken from the developed world. In some developed countries such as America they are highly equipped and so they have got backups to their power cuts. Here are some problems/issues created by power outages: * No electricity even during nighttime can lead to several problems. In Tanzania food is cooked on gas or even charcoal to some extent. At night candles are used to light up the rooms and for vision, this is clearly not enough light for full vision. Secondly insects are attracted to this light, this is a problem as in the dim light the insects and mainly flies can cause serious problems if they contaminate the food. * The Tanzanian equatorial weather is always warm and humid all year around. The heat can reach temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius; the humidity also makes it harder to breath. With no electricity, there is no cooling system and therefore people become exhausted very quickly. People loose water from their body and loose energy, workers become slower at work and the amount they can produce decreases. This is not at all good for the Tanzanian Economy. * During a power cut even the traffic lights do not work, and this means that traffic control becomes hard. With the problem of excessive

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