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A. Project Plan/ Problem Statement Who likes all of those un-popped kernels at the bottom of the popcorn bowl during movie night? Not too many we assume. Therefore, this experiment will answer the question which brand of butter popcorn will leave the least amount of kernels. The experiment will microwave three different brands (independent variable) of popcorn for 4 minutes and then count the remaining kernels (dependent variable). A1. Literature Review The first literature review is the “Which Brand of popcorn pops the most”. This experiment tried to find the most cost effective brand of popcorn. It found from Orville Redenbacher, Act II and Kroger that the Act IIs popcorn brand is most cost effective (Which brand, n.d.). This experiment used three brands of popcorn as well as this experiment being conducted. The second literature review is “The Jawbreakers of the Popcorn Industry”. This experiment wanted to find which brand of popcorn produced the least amount of un-popped kernels. Boyd (n.d.) found that Act II found the least amount of un-popped kernels. This experiment used three-microwave bag per brand as will this experiment. A2a. Experimental Design Steps Gather the 9 bags of popcorn Remove the plastic over the popcorn bags Place the popcorn bag in the microwave Set the timer to 4 minutes and start the microwave Remove the bag from the microwave Put contains of the bag in a bowl Count the un-popped kernels and record the data Repeat step 2- 7 eight times A2b. Reasoning The steps of performing this experiment are basic. To be able to count the un-popped kernels of microwave popcorn a microwave would be the cooking method. The time allowed to cook the popcorn seemed to be average recommended cooking time based on the boxes of the microwave popcorn. A2c. Sequence of Events Place the popcorn bag in the microwave Set the timer to 4 minutes and

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