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Political Opposition to the Weimar Republic from the Left Essay

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  • on November 19, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Political Opposition to the Weimar Republic from the Left" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Political Threats to the Weimar Republic

The Left: After the ‘German revolution’ of 1918-19 the left-wing movement remained in a state of confusion:

    • The moderate socialists of the SPD were committed to parliamentary democracy

    • The KPD pressed for a workers’ revolution

    • The USPD stood for the creation of a socialist society within a democratic framework

    • In 1920 the USPD disbanded and its members joined either the KPD or SPD

    • The KPD wanted a revolution along Marxist lines

        o Creation of 1 party communist state

        o Major restructuring of Germany socially and economically

        o Completely rejected Weimar system

        o 1919-23 enjoyed support of 10-15% of electorate and there were continuous strikes and uprisings

        o Right-wing propaganda against them exaggerated fears of revolution

        o They posed much less threat than was feared at the time

              ▪ Badly coordinated

              ▪ Poor leadership

              ▪ Concessions split it

              ▪ Repressed by authorities with considerable brutality

The Extreme Right:   it was very different both in its form and extent to the opposition from the extreme left.

    • Anti-democracy

    • Anti-Marxism

    • Authoritarian, although in the early 1920s there was no consensus over what kind of government would ideally be established

    • Nationalism, stab in the back myth

    • DNVP

        o German National People’s Party

        o Coalition of nationalist old conservative parties inc. Fatherland Party and Pan-German League

        o Extremist and racist elements

        o Still the party of landowners and industrialists but had broad appeal amongst some of the middle classes

        o 15.1% in 1920 election

    • Volkisch parties (racist nationalism)

        o About 70 relatively small splinter parties

        o Bavaria was a particular haven for...

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