Poetic Techniques In Harwood's Poetry

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In your view, how have poetic techniques been used to reveal memorable ideas in Harwood’s poetry? Harwood’s widespread encapsulations of human experiences are recognised through her distinctive poetry, “The Violets” and “father and child”. Harwood explores the intrinsic forces of memories and mortality as its essence immensely influences our shaping an individual’s perspective and understanding, highlighted by the structured format. Through the nostalgic and melancholic atmospheres of her poems, Harwood journeys unto the universal themes of childhood and the penetration of time through memories, accumulated in the course of human experiences. Harwood identifies memory as a key component of human experiences through the use of ‘The Violets’ as an extended metaphor to trigger the composer’s personal recollections. Traditionally associated with death and mourning, the imagery of the “frail melancholy flowers” are alliterated and personified to emulate Harwood’s connection to the past and the loss of childhood joyfulness. This is enhanced by the juxtaposition of “ashes and loam”, the flowers are paradoxically growing among fertile and barren soil, relating to the past thriving through memories and the present time. The structural indentation indicating time shifts throughout Harwood’s flashbacks create a realm of nostalgia and is reinforced by the change in verbal tense “I kneel to pick” and “be comforted”, it accentuates our understanding of the evocativeness of the recalling of memories. The parents…show more content…
Harwood employs nostalgia to underpin personal recollections as the products of life’s experiences and by extension, acknowledgement of the loss of childish innocence, the transience of life and the inevitable passage of

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