Begotten Poem Analysis

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What is the reality of the young narrator in the poem “Begotten”? Was he the child that never questioned his family and accepted them for what they were? Or was he the adolescent that scoured their expressions looking for a sign of him in them, hoping to not belong to them? Who was the real begotten child? In answering that latter question, we must come to a full understanding of “Begotten”. In obtaining that understanding we must first acknowledge that this poem, by Andrew Hudgins, is a reflection of the author’s own childhood fears. He lets the reader warmly into the confines of a childhood that was less than his version of idyllic. And he does so by using creative language and incorporating all of the possible meanings of the word “Begotten”.…show more content…
According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it defines “begotten” as something that can produce for an effect or to procreate as a father. Begotten is also used in the Christian bible, to represent Jesus as the only true son of God. In the bible, however, the term is “only begotten” which is translated from the Greek word “monogenes” and also means

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