Poem Analysis Death of Abraham Lincoln

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Death of Abraham Lincoln! Analysis The poem “Death of Abraham Lincoln!” was written by James D. Gay, shortly after the killing of American President Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln was a visionary who only wanted to the best for his country. His presidency took place during the Civil war, a Bloody battle between the north and the south also known as the Union and Confederacy. Not long after the war had ended President Lincoln went out to the theater with his loving wife to celebrate and be merry! Alas, it was not such a night of merriment, for the president was shot and later died while in attendance to that play. The chair he was sitting in when she was shot and a few other things are currently on display in a museum. When news of the President’s death reached the ears of the American people, the country was thrown into a chaotic rage. While some people began an angry man hunt for the killer, others simply wept for their lost President. For with the loss of President Lincoln hope too was lost for many people. James D. Gay wrote several poems and short stories, most of which were about President Lincoln and the Civil War. From his writings you can easily tell he was pro Union and loved his President. In this particular poem Gay writes the death was “a fearful shock!” and that “The stores were closed, our flag was draped, Our hearts felt sick and sore..” He is clearly mourning the death of one of his country’s greatest leaders along with the rest of the America. Gay goes on to say “His eyes were growing dim, When with a faltering step they brought His weeping son to him.” This is in reference to President Lincoln’s youngest son Todd who was not with his father at the time of the shooting. “Weep not my boy, his friends did cry, But put your trust in Him, Who takes your father from your side..” is the next line that is referring to what other people in the room
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