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Sara Louise Saad Dr. Heather Crosby Modern History February 25, 2015 Mad King George III Eighteenth Century monarch George III had a very rocky life from the start. Otherwise known as Mad King George, George was born on June 4th, 1738, at Norfolk House in St. James Square, London. His father was Frederick, Prince of Wales and his mother was Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha. George was the oldest of nine siblings. His four sisters were Princess Augusta Charlotte of Wales, Princess Elizabeth Caroline of Wales, Princess Louisa Anne of Wales, and Caroline Matilda of Wales. His four brothers were Edward, Duke of York, William, Duke of Gloucester, Henry, Duke of Cumberland, and Prince Frederick William of Wales. (Hibbert) Young George was indolent when it came to his schoolwork during his childhood. His tutors called him lethargic and incapable of concentration. One of his teachers got very upset with him one day and George took it upon himself to put tar in the chair at her desk as retribution. This was only the beginning of his temperamental behavior. He was extremely boastful and loved to brag to anyone who would listen to him about how one day he would be king. On March 20, 1751, George’s father died from an accidental blow to one of his lungs during a cricket match. (Roberts) However, this may have been a rumor. The real cause of death was most likely from a burst abscess in one of his lungs. The…show more content…
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