Planning Phase of Audit

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A. What factors should have been considered by Nichols in the risk analysis prepared during the planning phase of the audit? Screening process in the planning phase of the audit would have helped Nichols in determining the following factors: ➢ Nature of the Test ➢ Timing of the test ➢ How extent the Test needs to be Inherent Risk at an account level and overall financial level should have been assessed at the planning phase. Some of the other factors that were needed to be considered by Nichols were: ➢ What risks are present in their business that makes it a risky venture? ➢ Risk associated with the type of product they carry, company may carry products that went obsolete. ➢ Risk associated with regulatory requirements should have been considered. ➢ What is the reputation and integrity of the management? ➢ Assess the current situation in that particular industry the company operates in. Is it a maturing industry? Is it consolidating? ➢ Corporate governance- do they have a strong board? Based on the ownership structure what is the role of significant related party transactions? ➢ Is the company highly leverage? ➢ References about upper level management should be assessed. ➢ As the first year Auditing team prior year audit paper needs to be looked at ➢ Reviewing the board of director minutes. ➢ Was there undue time pressure imposed by management to resolve complex issues? ➢ Was there weak Internal Audit function? B. List the major deficiencies in the Audit ➢ Partner should have been rotated. ➢ Inherent risk determination was not performed. ➢ Prior year performance was taken into consideration while determining the audit risk where new risk assessment should have been performed for the New year. ➢ Time budget for the current year was kept same as recent years without

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