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1. What are the key messages in the Barron’s article “Coy Story”? The “Coy Story” article contains two different types of messages – messages that the author (Andrew Bary) wanted to send and messages that were used to support key idea of the article. On the whole, the author developed a key idea that Pixar is company with great potential, but overvalued. The article stated that Pixar’s current market valuation seemed to be based on the assumption that Pixar would continue to be “perfect” in all future movie choices and strategy implementations. Moreover, Andrew Bary describes several media messages to describe the whole situation and provide different points of view on Pixar’s business. There are several statements of either important stakeholders or different analysts from Wall Street and Hollywood. 2. Who are the stakeholders? a. Investors – this article is concerned about stock prices of Pixar and future potential of the company. Thus, investors should be really interested in possible overvalue of the studio because it may influence there future invests b. Competitors/other Hollywood studios – there is a possibility that Pixar and Disney will not reach a distribution agreement. This situation opens opportunities for other companies and studios to work with Pixar and use benefits of possible agreement. Moreover, Pixar is able to influence on industry distribution and structure c. Shareholders – these part of stakeholders has direct interest in share prices growth that depends on an agreement between Disney and Pixar Furthermore, there are such stakeholders as customers (general public), employees and others who will be influenced by different circumstances of the Disney-Pixar agreement. However, in this case they are becoming more indirect stakeholders. 3. Is this story positive, neutral or negative? Is it accurate? I would assume

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