Pilgrims In The Odyssey

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Tables of the Potential Pilgrims As the potential pilgrims entered into the Tabard Inn, I examined them carefully, for their fates could lie in the hands of this decision. As they filter in, they pick tables, mostly based on social rank and standards. Little do they know that their performances and how they interact with each other would alter the ultimate decision made… The Squire got a queer feeling at the thought of this, for his heart had not long so desired this unlike his father’s. He dreamed of sweet music and jolly dancing, not of fellowship and salvation, but he dare not go against his father’s wishes. The Parson, on the other hand, was filled with glee, for this journey was one he had longed for since he could…show more content…
The Reeve, who was a wealthy owner of a large estate, spoke firmly, “Fellow Haberdasher, Carpenter, Dyer and Carpet-Maker, we are the low workers of this society. This is our chance, our one opportunity, for us to redeem our roles in society as noble men, men of status and power. This journey could be the opening to a new life for us!” The Haberdasher, Carpenter, Dyer and Carpet-Maker all drank merrily in agreement as they daydreamed of the day when they would be praised. They dreamed of the riches they would come across and the glory of their lives. The luxury they had always wanted now came into plain sight. The night was getting closer to an end, and the scum table was getting drunker by the second. The Miller, Summoner, Cook, Wife of Bath, and Skipper drank heavily, and the more they drank the louder and feistier they became. The Miller stood up with a certain wit about him, and he spoke loudly to the entire tavern, “Men and women in the room! We all know that this table that I am seated at is the grunge of this town! We are of bad morals, filthy living standards, and non-religious backgrounds. Should ye not grant us this privilege to save

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