Charater Analysis of "The Canterbury Tales"

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The Knight: He represents dignity, respect, and honesty as well as being very popular amongst the others at the pilgrimage as a result of his social status and skills. Highest in the social class of pilgrims Harry Bailey: “The Host”; he vows to keep everyone happy and he also travels with the pilgrims. He owns the Tabard Inn. The Miller: He is very insolent and often is drunk so his actions are crude and offensive to the others. A red head and very loud. Roger: The cook, respected for his talents. The Man of Law: He is a court justice and is highly respected by the others. He is known as a trustworthy man. The Reeve: An elder man who is characterized as ill-tempered. Once a very good carpenter. The Summoner: Face is red due to a unspecified disease. Seduces young women then marries them to make money. Hubert, the Friar: Seduces young ladies and then arrange marriages for them. He is often out to get money. Alisoun: The Wife of Bath; she has 5 husbands and is very open about her emotions and feelings. She also has married men than are a lot younger than she is. Gives very good advice on love since she has had much experience. The Physician: A very knowledgeable doctor who makes a lot of money and is very interested in gold. Not as respected as much as doctors are today. The Merchant: He is a part of the middle class and he has exquisite bargaining skills. Got rich illegally by selling French coins which is illegal in England. The Clerk: A very respectable student who goes to Oxford University and is enjoyed by all the pilgrims for his desire to learn. The Squire: He is a man who wishes for knighthood and, therefore, he can sing, write poetry, and charm the ladies. He is very loyal to his father who is the Knight. The Shipman: A large man, who, ironically, can steer a ship quite easily, yet cannot seem to ride a

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