Physics In Star Wars

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Physics in Star Wars Aaron Macaulay The Star Wars series is one of the most famous movie franchises of all time. It is famous for its lightsaber fights, space fights, story, and it's funny lines. The physics in Star Wars however, there are errors in the movies that defy the laws of physic. For example, sounds in space, light speed travel, and pod racers. In the Star Wars series, there is a lot of space battles. If the space battles were realistic, you wouldn't hear anything at all. The reason is because space is a vacuum and sound requires matter to propagate. In space you would be able to hear everything inside your cockpit but everything outside you wouldn't hear a thing, it will be only silence. Because it is a fictional movie, sound is in there for attract the audience. If we were watching a Star Wars film that followed the laws of physics, it will just be silent and boring. Basically, there wouldn't be an sound at all when watching the space fights but there is when the camera is in the cockpit.…show more content…
A pod racers has two engines and the cockpit where the driver sits. The cockpit is connect to the two engines with two cables. As the two engines move forward, the cockpit goes with it. When the two engines turns, the cockpit turns with it. The one problem with that is, how. The problem with this is that the cockpit is frictionless and it cannot follow the engines because it's connected to a cable. If you go straight and turn right, the cockpit will still move forward until the cable reaches the maximum length and pulls it at the direction the engines are going. A perfect example would be attaching a rope about 6 ft to a wagon and start running straight with it. As you run straight, the wagon will follow. As you turn to the right, you will see that the wagon still moves forward. Pod racers can go up to 900 km/h, almost at the speed of sound. Breathing would be very

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