Alien Conspiracy Research Paper

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Aliens, Nazis, and New World order are all very interesting topics. Gabe Larock spends a lot of time learning about all the new conspiracy theories because they make him think. There are three different topics that I questioned him on. The first thing he said was that aliens, Nazis, and new world order are his favorite conspiracies. Those are the three topics that he feels most strongly about. He may not believe in the majority of them but he likes to learn about them and see the crazy ideas people come up with. Gabe does not believe that aliens have come to earth, but he thinks they do exist in outer space somewhere. Alien abductions are very hard to believe for anybody and Gabe definitely does not believe in them either. He does not believe aliens are advanced enough to abduct someone or even know of our existence. One alien story Gabe finds most interesting took place in Roswell, New…show more content…
This means he thinks that someone or something is going to be taking over the government. Some stories claim that the Bush family or the British family could have tried or could still be trying to rule the world by slipping in certain laws and pulling tricks to get them in high power. Gabe does not fully believe in these conspiracies but still has an open mind about them because he says everyone wants power. Rockefeller banking Company is a subject that Gabe likes to bring up when talking about this next conspiracy, which is how Rockefeller banks could take over the world because of the amount of money and power they have at this current time. Some people, including Gabe, believe that Rockefeller banks are paying money to make sure certain laws/restrictions on banking cannot be put in place. They do have a lot of money and power in this world. Gabe is not completely convinced that these conspiracies are true, but he is more convinced than other because of the additional evidence that supports the

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