Sitty Tibbs Essay

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Challenges In the novel The Only Alien on the Planet the character Smitty Tibbs appears to be autistic. Though out the book his issue is developed and resolved with help of his two friends, Ginny Christanson and Caulder Pretiger. In the beginning of the novel Smitty Tibbs is very anti-social. He doesn’t talk, touch or do anything. When the story progresses Smitty’s life turns around, after the kiss Ginny give him. Closer to the end of the novel Smitty faces his fear, Russell his brother, and doesn’t die because of it. After that he is more confident and living person. The main character Smitty Tibbs is not like any other character. He is more closed in himself and doesn’t interact with other people. In the beginning of the novel Smitty portraits many characteristics and qualities that he still keeps even when he changes. Smitty Tibbs is the smartest person in the school and has almost perfect SAT score. He has blond hair and blue eyes. Smitty chooses his own cloths that are fairly fashionable and does everything on his own. He moves normally almost gracefully just like anyone else, but he isn’t a normal person. When you watch Smitty it’s like taking a little trip into the twilight zone. All the kids call him “The Alien” at school because he doesn’t talk or expresses any emotions. When you look at Smitty he always has an empty face and never looks straight into anyone’s eyes. Smitty seems like a normal person, but he isn’t. No one in the world is like this unless they are autistic, which Smitty is. Smitty Tibbs goes though many changes that challenge him. He seems more like a person but still is trying to keep everything in himself. Smitty is very sensitive and when someone tries to make him react emotionally he starts panicking like having his hands up against the wall and breathing deep or just leaves. When Caulder and Ginny try to make him
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