Phy 202 Week 1 Assignment

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Life Event 1 – Graduation of High School High School was a significant part of my life as it help me learn about life and to start to become the person I want to be. Without a high school education you will not be admitted into certain colleges or jobs. Completed in high school also helps with your confidence and self esteem in life. How I felt after high school was excited and scared. I thought wow I am finally free of getting up early for classes and doing homework and I was going to be able to sleep all day and stay up all night. I realized that I was wrong and I did feel accomplished when I finished. I was so happy that I was taking the next step as a growing adult. Life Event 2 – Purchasing a House I felt the purchasing of a home was a very big significant part of my life. I looked at it as I was ready to move forward with the next stages of becoming an adult. I was finally becoming independent of myself and my parents was very proud of me by doing it. How I felt after the purchase was awesome. I was like wow I am finally free of any rules and can come and go when I wanted and able to eat and clean when I wanted. I was totally overwhelmed with joy. I loved living on my own but I as also sad and missed the times with my family. It was very different and hard at times. Life Event 3 – Having Children My kids are a very significant part of my life. I live for them now instead of for myself. I found myself growing up a lot after I had kids because you really learn what the meaning of selflessness is. Kids bring a whole new meaning to life. My experience after kids. Wow I have never felt the joy and the amount of love that you are able to have for someone until after I had kids. You think that nothing will make you become humble and selflessness until you look your kids in the eyes and there is nothing that you

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