Persuasive Letter To Go's Store

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GO’s Stores, Inc. 900 Speight Ave. Waco, TX 76798 November 10, 2008 Ms. Alice Stevens 1302 Redwood Circle Waco, TX 76712 Dear Ms. Stevens: You will be pleased to know that GO’s Stores has taken great steps to resolve your recent troubles. After reading your claim about having problems with tainted gasoline two weeks ago, GO’s Stores has decided to reimburse you for your damages. Due to severe weather and an operation mishap, the gasoline at our Bellmead location was contaminated. In order to receive full reimbursement, please provide receipts from your gasoline purchase at our Bellmead location as well as receipts from the other companies that you have used to repair your vehicle. Because GO’s Stores is dedicated to providing

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