Personal Narrative: My Personal Experiences Of African Americans

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When I was about 9 years old, my mother and I went shopping in a clothing store that had all white sales people working in the store. I noticed that the majority of the people shopping in that particular store were white. One of the ladies that were working there came up to us and asked if we needed any help finding anything, and when our response was ‘no thank you, we’re fine’, she kindly smiled and walked away. A few minutes later, a couple of young black girls walked in the store to look around. As soon as they walked in, the sales people ‘perked up like puppy dogs’ and put all of their attention on the black customers. One of the ladies that worked there went to ask them if they needed any help, they said ‘no thank you’ and went about…show more content…
Instead of the sales lady treating them the way she treated us and walking back over to the cash register, she just took a couple of steps back and stood close by. She appeared to be watching them to make sure they did not steal anything from the store. Then I noticed that all of the people that were working there were spread out all over the store watching the group of black girls like a hawk! Being the age I was, I couldn’t understand why they were being treated that way and we had not. Now that I am older, I see that they were treating them that way due to their skin color. It seems to be assumed that black people are more likely to steal from someone rather than white people. They believe that since there have been black people that have stolen before, then every single black person is apt to do it. Due to mine and my mother’s skin being white, they didn’t suspect us to steal. In my opinion, everyone has the choice to steal, it shouldn’t be based on what color skin they have. There are just as many white people that steal than black people. Looking back on that certain situation, I now see that whites have certain privileges that blacks don’t. Our skin being white gives us the upper hand in most situations because whites seem to have a certain “power” in society today. Therefore, we were born into the privilege of being a white person and not being judged or looked down on

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