Reflective Essay On Conflict

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We all have conflicts in our lives that we go through, some are resolved easily, and others are a bit harder to tackle. And there are a few conflicts that are irresolvable. These kinds of conflicts keep haunting us all our lives. Unfortunately, I got myself into one of these conflicts. As I went into puberty, and self discovery, I had a very curious attitude towards everything that’s taboo and considered socially wrong. I started smoking at the age of fourteen, and eventually leading to drinking a bit, but what caught my attention and curiosity the most was drugs and mind altering chemicals. I’ve been always told by my teachers and peers that I have an addictive personality, which I never really took too seriously, until I started experimenting…show more content…
For me, I wasn’t able to move on as easily as the others. With some drugs, I wasn’t able to move on at all, and because of that, I am still haunted up to this day from the experimenting that I decided to do a long time ago. Here is my very personal and dark conflict that would be the hardest and most damaging decisions I had to take. Damaging not only to me, but to everyone I know and will get to know in the future. It all starts very innocently, a group of teen-agers that are bored and lots of free time in their hands. With a civil war breaking, school days are irregular; we go to school for one week, then the week after school is closed because the street fighting gets more violent and closer. With not much to do and not too far to go, we meet at the neighborhood billiard place or at the coffee shop down the street. Smoking cigarettes evolves and upgrades to smoking cannabis. We eventually graduate from high school and move to University, were the circle of friends gets wider and bigger. With more friends and connections comes a variety of different drugs. Cocaine and heroin gets introduced to the circle. If

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