Perception Checking Essay

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Running head: Check Your Perception Jamie Schee Module 3, Assignment Grand Canyon University Com 101 Instructor: Calvin Habig September 20, 2009 Check Your Perception Many of us go through our life going on our first interpretation of another individual(s), and there are times when our assumptions are accurate, but there are also some instances when these assumptions are wrong as well. In the text book ‘Looking Out looking in,’ Ronald B. Adler and Russell F. Proctor give their readers a great insight on how we perceive others and ways or steps we as communicators can use these techniques to a greater advantage. Perception checking is a great technique and tool we can use to progress our communication skills. I want to begin with the three steps of perception checking. According to Ronald Adler and Russell Proctor, “A complete perception check has three parts: A description of the behavior you noticed At least two possible interpretations of the behavior A request for clarification about how to interpret the behavior” (page.106). Now for me personally, I seem to cling to another person(s) feelings or actions, and more than half the time, this is how I see another individual(s) feelings. Although I know it is not always 100% accurate, I still find myself replaying this perception over-and-over again. Thanks to Looking out Looking In, I can now apply these methods of ‘Perception Checking’ to my future communication adventures. A few weeks back my husband and I had a heated argument over my, older, son Justin and of course we were both upset, but we were arguing over something that we both were right about, but approached the situation differently. For the most part, this is what happened. My oldest son Justin has gotten his young girlfriend pregnant, and my husband, Justin,
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