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Personality Check Point BEH 225 September 8, 2011 JEANNETTE DEZSOFI Personality Check Point In reviewing the information on personality tests, it appears there are many tests to choose from and each one will tell you a little something different about yourself. After completing the Jung personality test, provided online, and reviewing the results, I would have to say that it is fairly accurate based on how I look at myself. This particular test is an objective type of test. As the test says, however, the more you take the test and the more truthful you are with your answers, the more accurate the assessment will be. It is however, still a self-assessment and therefore may be skewed based on the perception you have of yourself as opposed to how someone else may see you. When attempting to identify an individual’s personality, there are four main tools that a psychologist uses. The first is the personal interview. The personal interview consists of a conversation…show more content…
Each theory correlates to a specific method of assessment. One theory is the psychodynamic theory. With this theory, the roots of your personality are your unconscious thoughts, feelings, repressed problems from early childhood, and motives. The methods to assess the psychodynamic theory you would use projective tests as well as personal interviews. The next theory is the humanistic theory which is a drive towards personal growth. To assess this theory, you would use an objective test along with a personal interview. Next, is the Trait theory which explains why the person thinks, feels, and acts the way they do. To assess the trait theory, you would use the objective test. The final theory, the social learning theory, is determined by past reinforcement and punishment. In order to assess the social learning theory, you would use interviews, objective tests, as well as

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