People Would Give Anything for Love

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Love. People would give up anything to prove affection to the person that they love. In the play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, written by William Shakespeare, love demonstrates that people are prepared to give up anything for the person they love. This can be seen through the three couples, Hermia and Lysander, Helena and Demetrius, and Thisbe and Pyramus. First of all, Hermia and Lysander are one of the above mentioned couples that give anything up for their love for one another. In the beginning of the play, Hermia disobeys Egeus by refusing to marry Demetrius because she is in love with Lysander. This shows that Hermia loves Lysander enough to disobey her father’s wishes for her to marry Demetrius. Next point, Egeus and Demetrius do not allow Hermia to be with Lysander. As well, Egeus states that Hermia is his sole property and so she must marry Demetrius. However, Lysander insists, “I am belov’d of beauteous Hermia. / Why should not I then prosecute my right?” (I, i, 104-105). This quotation points out that Lysander loves Hermia even though Egeus and Demetrius do not allow them to be together. Later on in the play, Hermia tries to runaway with Lysander to his aunt’s home, where the Athenian law does not apply. This would allow them to be together. Subsequently, Hermia decides she would rather become a nun. Than marry Demetrius. This gives insight on the fact that Hermia loves Lysander substantially, to surrender her virginity. In any case, the love between Lysander and Hermia is strong enough that they both would be willing to give up anything for one another. Secondly, Helena and Demetrius are the second couple that demonstrate the power of giving up anything for love. To begin with, Helena allows Demetrius to treat her like a dog. This shows that she is willing to do anything just to be with him. Consequentially, Helena declares out loud: I will

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