Pedophile: Looking Deeper Into Serial Killer

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Looking Deeper into Zombie A serial killer, a pedophile; some wouldn’t dare to even think of what horrible and twisted acts either would commit. The images of their victims, before or after their fate, are sometimes too much to bear. But there are those who dare to look deeper. They look not only before and after but also during; during the poor victim’s demise. And what makes the killer tick? They discover that as well. To the general public, this is not a pretty sight. But as taboo as it is it is also quite interesting. Joyce Carol Oates takes a deeper and darker look into the mind of a serial killing pedophile and his daily life with his hidden secrets. This novel tells the life of Quentin P. or Q_ P_ as he…show more content…
A child can never stay perfect for its time bomb of hormones. A ZOMBIE cannont be perfect for its time bomb of life, for it is limited of how long it would last in that condition, much like a child's limited time of how long its innocence will last. Perfection is never possible. Quentin was never the perfect person. His father was never the perfect parent. Quentin's ZOMBIES were never even close to perfect. But, that does not mean we must hide away all of our imperfections. Quentin hid his sexuality and carnal needs instead of going to someone to talk about them. His father merely became angry and burn Quentin's magazines and Ken-doll as to remove the images from his mind instead of trying to figure out why Quentin had them in the first place. And, on a more serious note, Quentin hid away his failed ZOMBIES (and kept mementos from them) instead of dealing with the consequences of rape and murder. Hiding away imperfections never has a good ending. Either someone will find out, or it will all be revealed in one big burst from containing it for too long. In most cases, it usually never good to
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