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Madison Brown 10/24/13 Mrs. Crecca Criminal Justice Paul Ricca Paul Ricca was born on November 14th, 1897 in Naples, Italy. He was born as Felice DeLucia. At age 17 Ricca was working for organized crime in Naples. In 1915, Ricca stabbed Emillo Parillo to death, which he claimed he did it for Parillo breaking an engagement to his sister. But in reality, he killed him on Mafia Orders, which he received two years in Italian prison. After being released he then killed Vincenzo Capasso, who testified against him in the Parillo trial by slitting his throat. After killing him, Ricca assumed the name Paolo Maglio, and fled to the United States by way of cuba. On August 10th, 1920 Ricca arrived in New York City and Americanized his name to “Paul Ricca”. Paul Ricca’s rise to power began in Cuba when Ricca met Joseph “Diamond Joe” Espinoza who was a Chicago bootlegger and restaurant owner. After he arrived in New York, Espinoza brought him to Chicago, and put Ricca to work smuggling whiskey from Cuba and moonshine liquor from Kentucky to Chicago. Sensing potential, Espinoza appointed him as maitred’ at the Bella Napoli, his restaurant. Which was the source of his nickname “The Waiter”. Restaurants were popular to many gangsters, including the leader of the south side Al Capone. Sharing mutual friends who returned to Italy, Ricca gave up his restaurant job, and joined the south side gang. He rose quickly in the gang ranks, Capone’s emissary to east coast gangs. Capone was also his best man at his wedding. Ricca’s prestige and visibility continued to rise. Ricca soon became Underboss with Frank “The Enforcer” Nitti in 1932. Ricca was the real power of the outfit as early as 1932, and the unchallenged de facto boss by 1939. Lucky Luciano dealt

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