Patient Falls Essay

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Nursing Research Utilization Project Proposal: Patient Falls
Regina Murphy

A fall is defined as an event involving a patient fall, slip or near fall that caused contributed to or had the potential to result in patient harm. Emphasis is placed on those falls, which require treatment, defined as a full event.
The moment a patient enters the hospital they are assessed to determine their fall risk status. Nursing staff utilizes assessment tools, treatment schedules, and processes to decrease patient falls and promote safety. In the perfect world a patient will never fall while being cared for by health care providers and hospital staff. Unfortunately, there continues to be incidents of patient falls that can cause disabilities and even death. To promote ongoing patient safety and decrease falls there are programs that are being developed by nurses and health care leaders. This proposal will identify measures that are used to monitor the quality initiatives of falls prevention. As these programs are developed strategies and standards are addressed and barriers identified to ensure success of preventing falls.
Falls are a serious concern among the elderly population, and a major concern within the health care community. Falls are the most adverse event reported in hospitals and are leading cause of death in patients 65 years or older. Nation-wide the average rate for a first fall range from 2.2 to 3.6 per 1000 patient days.
Litigations related to hospital falls is growing in both frequency and severity; hospital administrators are in a quandary on how to reduce patient falls. Based on best practices and literature reducing falls in an acute hospital setting benefit from multifactorial fall prevention programs focusing on falls in an acute care setting that result in patient injury or even worse, death.
Private and governmental agencies such as The

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