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Patient Falls: Relationship with Hospital Magnet Status and Nursing Unit Staffing Introduction Fall of patients in any facility is a proven issue and a complicated problem. Fall causes pain and suffering for the patients and increases the length of hospital stay and health care cost. In this particular research, the association among hospitals Magnet® status, patient falls, and nursing unit staffing were analyzed in a cross sectional study by the use of 2004 “National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators” (NDNQI®) information from five thousand three hundred and eighty eight units in one hundred and eight Magnet and five hundred and twenty eight hospitals without Magnet Status. “Patient…show more content…
They also expected that number of patient fall rate on same type of nursing unit would be different according to staffing of nurses and registered nurses composition (i.e., education, qualifications, and employment status). By the use of five thousand three hundred and eighty eight unit in six hundred and thirty six hospitals, the relationships is investigated between nurse staffing (i.e., Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Nursing Assistants), Registered nursing personnel composition, patient falls , and Magnet status of hospitals for developing proof about how the nursing resources’ and the process of successful delivery of nursing excellence add to the wellbeing of patients. The key findings put forward that patients’ falls were not affected by level of staffing, that the number of falls in intensive care units are negatively related to the hours of registered nurses, Nursing Assistants, and hours of Licensed Practical Nurses are linked remarkably positive with falls primarily in units other than intensive care units. The other key finding was the decrease in the number of falls in hospitals with Magnet Status. “The reported fall rate of 3.3 falls per thousand patient days was similar to 3.73 rates from the 2002 NDNQI database’s analysis” (Dunton et al., 2004). Magnet status and staffing of nurses are the two…show more content…
Nurses should have the awareness of the ethical issues in nursing research and should have a constructive structure to tackle problems connecting individual’s rights. The codes of ethics are the set of laws to execute research lawfully and morally to tackle the conduct of people. This is essential in order to come into terms with the issue of the researcher's values relative to the person’s rights versus the welfare of the public. Ethics committees and set of laws provide various directions but the final determination of how the research needs to be performed will depend upon the investigators moral code (Jameton A.

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