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Paper on Drinking by Abraham Cowley

  • Submitted by: renesmeestar
  • on March 3, 2013
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How interesting and fascinating would be to make a reader become entangled with a prose or poem by using a collection of techniques and strategies, this fact is what is going on with metaphysical poetries. Among which some are more remarkable and significant; one of those is Abraham Cowley's metaphysical poem “Drinking” which is the focus of this paper. In this manner, for having a better understanding on the effectiveness of the techniques in this poem they are some important parts which will be analyzed in detail such as the subject matter and purpose, characteristics of metaphysical poetry, structure, sound and movement, and the language of the poem.
As it mentioned the title of the poem is “Drinking” and from the very beginning of the poem Cowley starts to represent the relationship between the title and the rest of it. By looking at the text of the poem we can see that there are many examples of drinking, soaking and swallowing going on through out the poem. The speaker says that every single creatures and things in this dusty world and nature and even in the sphere drink up what they need for their basic survival and it begins with water. Water is the only liquid element that can give life and productivity to the cycle of nature. In other words, water is the absolute elixir of life; it is the first resource of freshness, liveliness, fairness and brightness. The poet commences to illustrate the cycle of water through the whole universe as follow:
The thirsty earth soaks up the rain to be prolific, the plants suck in the water of the rain from the earth to stay fresh and fair, the sea drinks ten thousands rivers up to keep its nature and remains the sea, the sun drinks up the sea and takes its shine from the water of it because water is the symbol of purity and brightness and light comes from the pureness of water, then the moon and stars drink the sunlight to sparkle and glitter at night and make the night time joyful, the night drinks their (the moon and...

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