1.02 Poetry Essay

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Experiencing Poetry Graphic Organizer Characteristic|Selected Poem Title:| Initial Response:What does this poem seem to be about?This poem seems to be about a person who’s describing or expressing a girl’s appearance. Also it seems to describe the girls personalitly.| She walks in beauty like the night| Words: Were the words in this poem difficult or easy to understand?Was there any word or phrase that was powerful to you?Some words were a little hard to understand, but i could still understand the poem. "Meet in her aspect and her eyes: " stuck out to me becuase the poem is all from her aspect and how she feels. | She walks in beauty like the night| Images:Did the poet create strong images?What could you see, hear, smell, taste, or feel?The poet created very strong images in my mind. There were many describing words and was very detailed. I felt in a way calm reading this poem.| She walks in beauty like the night| Figurative Language:What poetic devices were used in this poem?What did these poetic devices do for the poem? Did these devices help create imagery or communicate the author's feelings?The poetic device that was used in this poem is a simile. In the phrase “She walks in beauty, like the night”, the phrase states like or as, which is a simile. The poetic device helped express the authors feelings because he compairs beauty and night so you can get a better understanding of where the author is coming from.| She walks in beauty like the night| Emotion:What emotion was the author trying to express?I think the authour was trying to express love and therefore was at peace.| She walks in beauty like the night| Structure:How is the poem organized (lines, stanzas, etc.)? What is unique or interesting about the structure of the poem?Does the poem rhyme?Something that is unique about the poem is that uses words and sayings. Which tells me it has been
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