To Waken An Old Lady Essay

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To Waken an Old Lady is a poem that was authored by William Carlos Williams. The poem essentially focuses on the aspect of old age. Therefore, the writer utilizes numerous bookish tools so as to construct the poem. In my experience of reading the poem I got attracted to the manner in which the author presented the poem the use of literary devices actually affected my experience. The use aspects of content, language and form were of greatest significance in the entire poem. Other literary devices have also been used in the construction of the poem. The elements used greatly affected my response to the poem, in its entirety. The literary devices employed by the author of the poem actually affected my response to the poem. Furthermore, they made me to focus more on one aspect of the poem than the others. I was significantly drawn to the aspect of old age and its prevalent connotations. This is due to the manner in which the author applied the literary elements all through. I cannot deny the great relevance of the above elements on my experience. William Carlos Williams makes great use of several elements in the presentation of the poem. Some of these elements are language, form and content. First of all I was greatly attracted to the aspect of content. The author chose to narrow down to old age as the essential content of the poem. Actually it activated me as I read through the poem. I just appreciate their use through out the reading. The language used by the author was both poetic and simple. This served two purposes at the same time. First was the fact that the poetic language made it possible for the poem to be appealing first as a text and second as a medium of communication. Subsequently, the language was simple enough to be comprehended by the reader. The use of literacy elements by William Carlos Williams in the construction of the poem, To Waken an

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