Pan's Labyrinth

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Pan’s Labyrinth Directed and written by: Guillermo del Toro. Year: 2006 Genre: Fantasy, terror, drama. Music: Javier Navarrete. Film producer: Coproducción España-México-USA; Estudios Picasso Fábrica de Ficción / Tequila Gang / Tele5 / Sententia Entertainment Synopsis: Set in 1944, in the Spanish post-war period, the Pan’s labyrinth is a haunting fantasy-drama film. The historical background deals with the Spanish misery and misfortune after the Civil War and exposes the pitiful, decadent era Spain was going through. Ofelia a 13 year old girl, imaginative and fantasy literature lover, and her mother, Carmen who is in an advanced state of pregnancy, traveled to a little town where Captain Vidal (Carmen’s husband, recently remarried) is waiting for them. Soon, Ofelia is shocked by Captain Vidal who doesn’t seem to feel any regard to her. His cruel, grotesque and rude character shy Ofelia. As her mother is immobilized due to her pregnancy and her stepfather is lending a service to General Francisco Franco in order to annihilate a “guerrilla” upheaval, Ofelia is forced to start a new independent life, to mature in advance. There, she ventured into a labyrinth in which she found faun Pan, a mythical creature who convinced her about her being a lost princess of legend. To achieve it to return to her origins and to her real family, Pan challenged Ofelia to complete three life-threatening tasks in a fantasy, mysterious world. Pan’s Labyrinth film combines both fantasy and real life. The film’s main aim is to focus on the idea of brutality versus innocence. Ofelia represents hope, dreaming, the innocence of childhood, by contrast to cruelty, repression and darkness of the period. The real world seems to be more uninviting than the fantasy world in which Ofelia is immersed in the labyrinth. She found there a scape to the harshness, depravity atmosphere of the

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