Pan German Nationalism

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Pan German nationalism is the love of everything German; more specifically it means the passion and pride for the German culture, history, music and scientific achievements, (Extreme patriotism) The people that believed in this ideology were called Volk; they were a nation that believed German people deserved a place in the world that was prestige’s, a utopia for the German people. The ideology of Pan German Nationalism indicates that Nazism was not created by Hitler, but had been lingering around for hundreds of years. Hitler had only made thoughts into actions. The pan Germanics had lots of idols, but one idol stood out in particular. Otto Von Bismarck (Hitler’s hero).in 1871 Otto Von Bismarck established Germany as a country by winning the Franco Prussian war. And doing that created Pan German nationalism. Another pan Germanic idol was Martin Luther, he protested against catholic churches as he thought they were flawed and wrong due to indulgencies (buying your way into heaven), he strongly expressed his anti-Catholic views by hammering his 95 thesis (problems with the Catholic church) to the door of a church. This began the protestant reformation. The Volk were also very fond of Beethoven, a German composer, however Hitler’s favourite composer was Richard Wagner and he used his music in death camps right before they would be killed. Pan German Nationalism started to radicalise after the First World War. The loss of the war was the main reason why pan German nationalism intensifies. Germany surrenders on the 11th of November 1918, and the German people (especially the Pan Germanics), are confused as to why the armistice was signed. This is because the German people thought they were winning the war, and rightly so. The war on the eastern front was a huge success; they gained lots of Russian land and in 1915 destroyed two armies of the Tsar. And the war on the
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