Paddy Fields Essay

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Sri lanka is very famous for paddy as it has a great history with this harvest which runs for years and years back with great stories.Paddy cultivation in Sri Lanka could be seen many parts of the country as many of the people in Sri Lanka have rice as their main food. The huge part of the production was supplied inside the country in the past with the great direction of the kings who ruled the country, they have built so many tanks and water irrigation systems which make the people astonished at the present too. Thissamaharama is one of the major rice production areas where it had been contributed to provide paddy for the country in the past and there are so many people carry out their lives from it at the present too.The economy of the area depends on this and so many people spend their time on this as it acts a main role of the lives. Now a days it is rare to see the laborers are engaged with this as so many machines have been taken to the field by the people as it does huge works considering to the man power with low cost.It was seen so many traditional ways and tools. the place the paddy is grown called as Kumbura and the place where the harvest is taken before process is kamatha and some of tools are Poru lalla,dati gaha,da katte,goyam lanuwa. Vee bissa(paddy granary) is a main thing that had been seen where the paddy was kept with safe for a long time.Tissamaharama rise is famous in the country at the present also. Rice is the single most important crop occupying 34 percent (0.77 /million ha) of the total cultivated area in Sri Lanka. On average 560,000 ha are cultivated during maha and 310,000 ha during yala making the average annual extent sown with rice to about 870,000 ha. About 1.8 million farm families are engaged in paddy cultivation island-wide. Sri Lanka currently produces 2.7 million tonnes of rough rice annually and satisfies around 95 percent

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