P3 Unit 20 Health and Social Care

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Explain how to plan a small-scale health education campaign relevant to local or national health strategies. In this task, i will be planning my campaign and explain the reasons for the approaches, methods and models of behaviour change. This task will include smart targets and planned approaches to education. I will be stating what models of behaviour change i shall use and include who my audience will be and what resources or costs were used. The campaign me and my group presented was about smoking and was titled ‘’ASHES TO ASHES’’. We chose to do our campaign on smoking because of the rising NHS costs and loss of lives due to the diseases or illnesses which occur due to long term use of cigarettes for example, lung diseases, e.g. lung cancer, loss of teeth, and other health problems which occur due to smoking. From our questionnaire, we found out that most people who are smoking in their middle age started smoking in their teenage years due to peer pressure or the need to fit in with their friends. For this reason, our campaign was aimed at teenagers mainly but also other adults who are smoking. * The campaign is to encourage people to stop smoking. * Educate both smokers and non smokers about the effects of smoking * To encourage people to make healthier choices Our audience is college students and teachers in the college street who have different levels of knowledge and learning abilities. Also i will be using SMART targets and relating them to our campaign. Our campaign is very specific because it’s 100% about smoking and we want to be able to focus on the goal and make it our priority. We will be approaching people talking to them about smoking, its effects both short and long term and how to stop smoking. This makes our campaign specific and has limited aims and objectives to achieve. We will be able to measure whether we have sent across our

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