Overcrowded Classrooms Essay

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The Effects of Overcrowded Classrooms Al’DeShaun M. Jaudon COMM/215 August 3, 2012 Dr. RHEA SANCHEZ The Effects of Overcrowded Classrooms With the growing numbers in student enrollment, according to the National Center for Educational statistics, many schools are forced to overcrowd their classrooms. The overcrowding of classrooms can have many negative effects on the students as well as the teachers. Some of these negative effects include Students may be disturbed, Embarrassment, Stressed Educator, Health Concerns, No Bond, Discipline, Cheating and the last negative effect overcrowding has is Students are forced to the back as well as left out. I feel that this topic is very important because by overcrowding the classrooms the children are not getting the quality education they deserve the way they deserve it. When overcrowding classrooms students are more than likely to become easily disturbed by others talking or harassing them in some sort of way. With the overwhelming class sizes the teacher can’t always be in control of what is going on. Embarrassment is another negative effect of overcrowding students who are known as the shy type or more of an introvert can feel overwhelmed by so many students in the classroom leading them to not freely ask questions or to make comments in such large group settings. This may come from fear due to being teased or other forms of mockery. The effect of embarrassment can not only affect the students’ development but confidence and their complete understanding of the various lessons. With more students also comes more responsibility. This affects the teachers morale teachers have more work to do by trying to keep an eye on all the students as well as teach the lesson which leads to a stressed educator. A stressed out educator is not a good educator. Health concerns are another negative effect of overcrowded
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