Overconsumption, Overpopulation, What's Next?

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The United States is one of the most populated countries in the world. It is a country that never stops growing, while it be economically or technologically. Industrialization is one of the main factors that results from a huge population. Bigger and better things are always being created. We are never content with the things we have. By creating so many new things, it causes major problems for the economy. Indigenous countries are suffering because we use their resources, pollution is more abundant, and rain forests or other sorts of animal preservation are being ruined. Animals and other people have to suffer for our selfishness. People are self centered; they don’t care what is going on in the environment around them, as long as they get what they want. If we didn’t continue to let such a mass amount of people into America, we wouldn’t have the problem of overpopulation. By having so many people in one area it causes a lot of problems. We have to clear way for those people to live and grow. In doing so, we ruin preservation and forests to build houses and strip malls we don’t really need. Also, since we have so many people to contend with we have the problem of over consumption. Companies have to build more and more stores because they have to fill the void of the lack of products. Since these companies have to build more stores, which mean more products, this causes problems for the indigenous countries. We use all of their resources and leave them to fend for themselves. This is why parts of Africa and other countries are having such a hard time developing. Once again, the only thing people in America care about are themselves. We sit and watch these countries having such a hard time, and we do nothing about it. People don’t realize that if we sacrifice just one little thing, we can make a difference in a handful of lives, in one of the third world
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