Overcoming an Obstacle

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Malena Figueroa Enc 1101 Narrative essay overcoming a personal obstacl A Citizen Have you ever wonder how does it feel to move to another country, another place, another home and begin a new life? Well I have overcome these obstacles in my life as well have experienced the difficulties of changing to another places. I have gone through many struggles, but I have succeeded. I believe in myself that there is a future, when a person really focuses and takes chances in life to have a better future. All of the struggles and culture shock played an emotional roll that will always be remembered by me or anyone who has experienced it. When I moved to these countries I took those emotions with me. It is easy to believe that the move, the new beginning will also take away our existing emotional problems, however this is not the case. The pressure of my move enhanced my emotional problem, I felt overwhelmed with this new situation. In all of these countries I moved to I had to leave all my material objects as well as my friends and some of my family. I experienced culture shock which in time I overcame. Anyone who has gone through this process knows the struggles but also the joy and happiness that you get when a new chapter in your life begins. When I was a little girl at the age of 6, I had to move from Cuba where I was born in. Due to the instability of the Cuban government we were forced to move. Cuba is a Communist Country and everything a person does has to be done within the laws of the government. There’s barely food, and a person can’t own more than one house. He or she can’t travel anywhere in the planet unless authorized by the government. In Cuba people struggle for work, Cuban

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